How much does it cost to travel to FIFA World Cup from India

A football lover’s biggest dream is to watch a FIFA World Cup match live from the stadium. However, one of the major things that hold us back is the financial constraints. You must be thinking that it costs a hell lot of money and only millionaires can afford to watch FIFA WC from the gallery.

Take it from me… it is possible for regular middle-class people like us to fulfill this dream.

We recently visited Russia to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018. We watched 4 matches. Two of them were group matches, one pre-quarterfinal and one quarter-final. We were two of us, we met at Delhi and started our journey from there onwards. So whatever information we will provide you in this article is from our experience in Russia.

So, let’s cut the chase. The total cost (all inclusive) of our trip (Delhi to Delhi) is ₹ 1,05,847.00 per person. Yes, that’s it, guys. Not a penny more. This included match tickets, accommodations, flight tickets, local transport, food, and visa.  If you live in a different city than Delhi, just add your transport cost to this. Read on to see the exact breakdown of the total cost. As we give you the breakdown of the cost of our trip, we will try to predict the cost of the trip to Qatar FIFA World Cup. We will try to keep the itinerary as similar possible to Russia 2018.

Matches We Watched and Cities we visited During the FIFA World Cup 2018, Russia

One of the things that we focused on was watching every match in a different stadium and watching different teams. This is because we wanted to make the most out of our trip to Russia. So here are the four matches that we watched.

  1. France VS Denmark (Group Match)

Venue: Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow. This is where the final match was played between France and Croatia. We watched the eventual champions play at the Final Venue. Pretty cool eh!!

Enjoying the Match at Luzhniki

  1. England VS Belgium (Group Match)

Venue: Arena Baltika, Kaliningrad. We made a mistake while booking tickets for this match. It increased our total spent considerably. Here is why. The Kaliningrad city is quite far from mainland Russia. You have to go across Belarus and Lithuania to reach Kaliningrad from Moscow. As an Indian citizen, it is required to have a transit VISA for Belarus and Lithuania. Belarus had waived of the visa for the FIFA event. But Lithuania couldn’t as it follows the European Union visa regulations. Therefore, the options for us were either to get a transit Schengen Visa which costs approximately 70 Euros, or book to and fro flight tickets. We opted the later to avoid the hassle of going through a visa application (Cost in intercity travel section). Nevertheless, we enjoyed our stay in Kaliningrad.

Enjoying the Match at Kaliningrad

  1. Sweden VS Switzerland (Round of 16)

Venue: Krestovsky Stadium, St Petersburg. We expected Germany to play this match. But the poor performance by the German team led to their elimination in the group stage. This stadium is also one of the venues for the upcoming Euro Cup in 2020. We got to see the beautiful city of St Petersburg that negated the disappointment of early elimination of Germany.

At St Petersburg

  1. Belgium VS Brazil (Quarter Final)

Venue: Kazan Arena, Kazan. We were looking forward to this match from the beginning of our journey. The match lived up to its expectation. It was one of the best matches of the tournament. We absolutely enjoyed our stay in Kazan too.

At Kazan Arena

How much did we spend on FIFA World Cup 2018 Match Tickets?

Okay, so there were three categories of tickets available for non-Russians. Category 1,2 and 3. The category 1 being the most expensive (view of the whole pitch like the TV camera). Category 2 was near the corners with a limited view of the pitch. Category 3 was behind the goal post. We had aimed for category 3 for all the matches. But unfortunately, we couldn’t get any, so we bought the category 2. The entire FIFA price list is given below.

The total amount we paid was:

Two group matches (165 x 2) $330
One round of 16 $185
One Quarterfinal $255
Total Per Head $845

Therefore, at mid-March 2018, this came to approximately ₹ 52500 ($1 = ₹62.15).

If you buy the same tickets today on the date of publishing this article (6 months after we had bought the tickets) it will cost, you ₹10,000 more because of the constant decrease in value of Indian Rupee. So, for Qatar please consider this factor. Exchange rates in March 2014 (2nd Phase of Tickets on Sale for Brazil World Cup) were 1USD = 60.5 INR.

A FIFA World Cup Match Ticket

We had initially budgeted ₹ 60,000 for three match tickets. We aimed for the final and two semi-finals (category 3). So, the key is to be flexible with the matches you want to watch. While you are on the ticket booking portal, keep ready the second choice of matches that you want to watch.

Qatar – How much will the same matches cost in FIFA World Cup 2022?

You can expect a 10% increase in prize tickets (see the prize list for FIFA World Cup 2014 below). But the main thing to watch out is the exchange rates. If we watched the same matches, the expected prices in Qatar 2022 will be (10% of 845) + 845 = 929.5 USD. Rounded to $ 930.

2014 FIFA World Cup Price List

We have looked at various websites for the projected exchange rates of INR to USD in April 2022 (that is when tickets are expected to go on sales). The predictions range from 75 INR to 87 INR equals 1 USD in April 2022. For the purpose of this calculation let’s consider $1= ₹ 80.

Therefore, the expected ticket prices in INR is 930 x 80 = ₹ 74400. That is significantly higher than what we spent in Russia. But the good news is we can expect the flight tickets cheaper.

Read this article where we have documented in detail how we bought the tickets to FIFA World cup 2018.

How much does it cost for Flight Tickets?

Russia 2018

While we were researching on flight tickets, we realised that it would be cheapest if we flew from Delhi to Moscow. Hence, we booked separate tickets from our hometown to Delhi (Not included in the total cost mentioned above) and then Delhi to Moscow. We also realised that the cheapest and best flight service from Moscow to Delhi is Aeroflot (the flag bearer airlines of Russia). The cost of flight tickets can be as low as 22000. It is a 6 hours direct flight to Moscow. The next cheapest flight option was Air Astana which remains approximately 28K INR most of the year. After the second phase of ticket sales were over Aeroflot tickets skyrocketed to 44000K – 48000K approx. Luckily, we got Air Astana Flight tickets at a discounted rate of ₹ 26000 approx. One thing we realised is that when you are booking international tickets it is best to book a flight to and from big international airports.

During Layover at Astana Airport

Qatar 2022

Let’s focus on Qatar now. From what we found from our research so far, it is best to fly to Doha from Mumbai. Indigo Airlines offers flight tickets as cheap as 16000. It is a 3 hours 45 mins direct flight. The cost of your travel to Mumbai from your home city will be extra. Though flight fares are very unpredictable lets us consider ₹ 20000 approximately. Also, check flight options from other big cities or your home city you might find a cheaper option as flights from Mumbai will be in demand during the World Cup.

Note: All prices mentioned here are for Return tickets to the mentioned Indian City.

How much does it cost for the Visa?

Russia 2018

All fans were required to have a FAN ID to enter the stadium. The FAN ID also allowed visa-free entry into Russia. The FAN ID did not have any separate cost.


Qatar 2022

We are pretty much sure visa will be free of cost if you buy a match ticket. Even if FAN ID is not issued, the visa fees will be waived off. This was the case in Brazil 2014.

What will be the Accommodation cost?

Russia 2018

We stayed in Russia for 15 nights. Out of those, we spent three nights on trains and two nights at the airport during intercity travels. So, we paid for 10 night of accommodation in total. The cost of the accommodations per head ranged from 250 Roubles to 800 Roubles per head per night. You would get a very good hostel bed in Russia for 500 Roubles per night. We spend a total of ₹ 6582 on accommodation per head.

Our Accommodation at Kazan

Qatar 2022

Qatar is an expensive country to live in. We had done some research on accommodation booking websites like and Airbnb. You can expect an average cost of 1200 INR per night of stay in Qatar. That is the minimum. It will be hard to find cheaper accommodation unless you go couch surfing or you have a friend who lives in Doha.

We plan to stay approximately 7 to 8 days in Qatar because it is expensive and doesn’t have a lot of tourist attractions. So, an 8-day stay would be approximately 8 x 1200 = ₹ 9600.

Check out this article where we share our tips on booking the best and cheapest accommodation.

How much it will cost for Local Travel?

Russia 2018

Local transport in Russia is quite cheap considering the standard of service they provide. A single local ride can range from 25 Roubles (Smaller city: Kaliningrad & Kazan) to 55 Roubles (Big city: Moscow & St Petersburg). A day pass in Moscow costs approximately 250 Roubles. This includes an unlimited number of rides in any form of public transport, i.e. Metro, Local Train, and Ferry etc. So, it is practically impossible for you to spend more than 250 Roubles or 275 on daily transport. We bought this in Moscow twice. On the day of the match, rides were free for ticket holders. Since we love to walk around a new city so we most of the time avoided short rides and just walked. We cannot give you the exact amount (Since we did not keep track of each individual rides) we spend on local transport. But we will share with you our total cash spent that will give you a fair idea in the end.

Traveling in a local train in Moscow

Qatar 2022

From what we know so far,  Doha is a small city. So you can pretty much cover the main areas on foot. We learned from that bus fares can range from QR3 to QR10 i.e. ₹ 60 to ₹ 200. Taxi is not as expensive as in Europe since gasoline is cheap.

Russia has set some standards that the next host will try to keep up. That’s why we think on match days you will get free rides. Nevertheless, if you spend on average 250 INR on transport total for 8 days will be 250 x 8 = ₹ 2000.

How much it will cost for Intercity travel?

Russia 2018

Earlier in this article, we had mentioned the problem we faced traveling to Kaliningrad. We had to take avail a flight to Kaliningrad and then another flight to St Petersburg from Kaliningrad. The total cost of these two flights were ₹ 12765.  Apart from this, we did not spend a penny on intercity travels. We booked the special free FIFA trains to travel between cities. Like we said we wanted to make the most out of the trip to Russia. 😊 We took three of these rides. They were St Petersburg to Moscow, Moscow to Kazan and Kazan to Moscow.

Ready to board the FIFA train from St Petersburg to Moscow

Qatar 2022

Qatar is not a big country and all the major cities are well connected. Out of the 8 Stadiums that will host the matches, 4 are in Doha. The other cities are less than one-hour ride. Public transport to these cities should cost around QR10 or 200 INR (Source: So, I am guessing if you make around 3 such return trips to Doha your total cost will be QR 30 or ₹ 600.

How much it will cost for food and drinks?

Russia 2018

Having a store-bought or restaurant meal is unhealthy for your tummy as well as your pockets. That’s why as budget travellers, we like to cook most of our meals when we are travelling. Local markets and supermarkets offer quality ingredients in Russia. The cost is not very different from what it is in India. If you spend 500 roubles / ₹ 550 on your ingredients you can easily cook food for 2-3 meals for two. A cheeseburger can cost as less 100 Roubles/110 INR in Russia. Eating out is also not very expensive a sumptuous meal for two in a mid-range restaurant will cost you approximately 1800 Roubles/ 2000.

One of our meals in St Petersburg

We did not buy any hard drinks in Russia except beer. Beer is very cheap in Russia. A 500 ml of Hoegaarden costs 92 roubles/100. In Kolkata, we get 330 ml of Hoegaarden for 350.

Qatar 2022

Yes, we will be cooking most of our meals in Qatar as well. Even though Qatar is expensive if you cook some of your meal you will save significantly. According to raw meat, rice, onions, cheese are quite inexpensive. If you spend 1000 INR on buying your ingredients it should be enough for 3-4 meals for two. According to, meals are inexpensive restaurants are 20-25 QR i.e approximately ₹ 400. We will probably budget an average of 800 INR for food per day per head. That brings the total cost of food to 800 x 8 = ₹ 6400.

Beer in Qatar is expensive in the world according to 330 ml beer would cost approximately QR 40 i.e. ₹ 800. This price is at a licensed alcohol shop. Imagine what will be the price n a restaurant or in the stadium (If they allow beer at the stadium). We will probably have to go “dry” on this trip.

How much cash should be withdrawn?

Russia 2018

In Russia, we withdrew 10000 Roubles (11000 INR) of cash per head. We paid for food transport and part of our accommodation (some of it was paid online from India) from this cash. We had to pay approximately 3000 INR worth for accommodation in cash on arrival. That left us with 11000 INR – 3000 INR = ₹ 8000. We spend that on food, local transport, beer, sightseeing, and other miscellaneous expenses for 15 days in Russia. We did not spend the entire money, brought back a hundred roubles note as souvenirs. 😊

Arindam Withdrawing Cash From ATM in Moscow

Qatar 2022

Since we have already accounted for food local travel etc. Here let us consider cash for miscellaneous cost only. We assume this should be QR250 or ₹ 5000.

Wrapping up

Let’s look at the total cost at a glance.

Sl No Items Actual expenditure in Russia 2018 Predicted expenditure in Qatar 2022 Remarks
1 Four Match Tickets ₹ 52,500.00 ₹ 74,400.00
2 Flights to Host country ₹ 26,000.00 ₹ 20,000.00
3 Accommodation ₹ 6,582.00 ₹ 9,600.00
4 Intercity Travel ₹ 12,765.00 ₹ 600.00
5 Food ₹ 8,000.00 ₹ 6,400.00
6 Local Transport ₹ 2,000.00
7 Miscellaneous ₹ 5,000.00
8 Travel Insurance ₹ 0.00 ₹ 5,000.00 Highly recommended
9 Total ₹ 1,05,847.00 ₹ 1,23,000.00
10 15% Contingency  Added ₹ 1,41,450.00 Russia trip is over so not included.
11 Grand Total ₹ 1,51,601.52 Inflation-adjusted @ 2% per for 3.5 years

We did not buy a travel insurance for our trip to Russia. That was a mistake we made. We highly recommend you buy a travel insurance while you travel abroad. To wrap up we predict that you can complete the trip within the budget of ₹ 1,51,601.52. There you go …You have your budget ready. As a next step go ahead and read our post on saving money to travel to the FIFA World Cup. Do let us know is the comment section if you have any queries, we would be glad to answer them.

Since you have read this far I assume you are genuinely interested in travelling to Qatar in 2022. So there is an announcement. Due to popular request we have started a Whatsapp group for people who want to visit Qatar for 2022 WC. This group has been created so that fellow travellers can help each other and share information. If you wish to be part of this group please send a whatsapp message to this number 0091 8240565291. 


This is to inform that as we are drawing close to the ticket sales for FIFA World Cup 2022, we have been receiving a lot of phone calls from individuals regarding information and help required for planning, buying tickets etc for the World Cup and other major Football tournaments.

In light of this, we have decided to help individuals personally for a customized Plan and approach based on requirements and budget with a nominal fee. Currently this service is available for Indian passport holders only.

We still encourage enthusiasts to plan for the trip themselves using free information posted in our website and youtube channel. However, this is to help individuals with customized requests based on our experience and research.

The fees for this service is ₹1000 only. This will include a detailed budget, itinerary, advice in deciding the matches and help with ticket application process (one lottery phase only). For further details please reach out on the WhatsApp number mentioned above.

Please note that the resources on the Football Travellers website and our Youtube Channel will always be free. We will be using this money to help us recover some cost incurred into launch and maintenance of this Website and Channel. Also this will help us produce and provide more free contents.


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  1. Hi, Its very nice to see you guys traveled to see dream tournament. I am also planning to visit Qatar but did you guys buy the tickets after group stage draw or before it? ticket price is very crucial.

  2. Hi Ayananta, good to know we are on the same boat. I hope you make to Qatar. You can check out our “Project 2022”, a blueprint to FIFA WC 2022. We bought the tickets after the draw. Agree the ticket price will be crucial. USD to INR price is the thing to watch out for. Its ideal if we start planning now.

  3. Hey thanks, this is exactly the info I was seeking. Additionally, I would like to ask if there’s facebook or any other social media group you’re a part of so that I can stay updated about the latest developments (eg. match ticket sales, etc.).

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      Thanks for your feedback. We have a facebook page with the same name and youtube channel. Please stay connected. Hope to see you in Qatar

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        • Hi Anirban,

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          We already have a facebook page where we post updates occasionally.

          You can check out our article on saving money and finding accommodation for WC. Couchsurfing is a good idea but from our experience, I can say it will be difficult to find hosts during WC.

          Please keep in touch.


  5. Hi, Thank you for sharing your experience.
    I just want to know from where you purchased the tickets and what the procedure, I mean you buy the tickets in India or Russia, and before the particular match or before the tournament?

  6. Dear Arindam, I want to buy 2022 quatar worldcup football ticket from kolkata india. How would be price of ticket? If complete package tour n 3 match ticket what is the price will be?

    • Hi Suman,

      The prices of the tickets will vary depending on the matches and the category you purchase. In 2018 the range started at 105 USD (for the lowest category seat in a group match) and went till 1100 USD (for the best category for the final match). Tickets usually go up in prices by 10% every World Cup. Check out this link to see the prices of 2018 matches.

      Additionally, you will need to keep an eye on the change of USD to INR rate. The estimate (1.5 lacs approx) that I provided in this article is for 4 matches two group match, a pre-quarter-final and a quarter-final. All for mid category seats like we had in Russia. Flight, food, and accommodation included for about one week stay in Qatar.

      Fifa doesn’t provide any package tour. But there are third-party organizers. I would suggest to avoid them as they will charge an exorbitant amount of money.

      You can also get in touch with us on our facebook page let us know about any other queries. We would be happy to help.

  7. This is wonderful piece of information shared. The extreme love for the game will only let you put so much efforts! About tickets i read it is fifo so is the process started or it starts a year earlier. I am sure there will be many of Indians who will be lined up as Qatar journey is close by. Will join the fb group to see if we can make group to watch the dream moments of our life.

    • Dear Prem,

      Thank you for your comment. Glad that you liked the article. Yes, you are right tickets usually go on sale about a year before the tournament. Note that 2022 the tournament will start in November as opposed to the usual time of June-July. This probably due to hot summers in Qatar. Please stay connected through our facebook page. Also, check out our youtube channel.

      See you in Qatar.

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      Please stay connected through our facebook page. Maybe in the near future, we can start with a facebook group or WhatsApp group as suggested by one of the other readers.

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  9. Really informative. I want to watch FIFA Wc 2022 , searched and got to his article. I have a few questions.i Know few people who are working in middle East ( not in quatar) . ( Little advantage of being from Kerala). So does there will be a difference or reduction in ticket prices if someone from middle East buys it for me.
    Also if they buy the tickets for me will I be allowed to enter the stadium as I will a outsider or a tourist traveling from India.
    Will traveling from Kerala be cheaper ( flight tickets)
    Anyway will be following your posts.
    Thanks and Regards

    • Dear Subramanian,

      Thanks for your comment. Those are really good questions.

      Answering your first question. Usually, there is a category which is reserved for the host country CITIZENS. Ticket prizes are drastically low for this category. But the seat positions are usually the worst in the ground (behind one of the goal posts on the very top row). In 2018 WC we have seen Russians purchase lot more expensive tickets of other categories for this reason. The person buying these rebated category tickets has to be a Host nation citizen. In this case a citizen of Qatar. It is very unlikely that other middle east citizens will be allowed. But rules may change. Will have to wait till tickets go on sale.

      Answer to your second question. Okay, this one is a bit tricky. The answer is both yes and no. In 2018 WC the ticket holder’s name was imprinted on the tickets. Additionally, something new was introduced. That is a FAN ID which had the fans photo and was linked to the passport. All ticket holders were issued a FAN ID. Without a FAN ID, fans were not allowed inside the stadium, even if they had a valid ticket with their name on it. The tickets were barcoded so were the FAN IDs, and both were scanned while entering the stadium. So initially we thought that it is impossible for fans to enter the stadium with someone else’s tickets. But interestingly the FAN ID’s were issued by the Russian government and the tickets by FIFA. So they were not linked. So by rule, one could enter the stadium only with his/her tickets. But in practice, he/she could enter the stadium with someone else’s ticket if he/she had a valid Fan ID. And the FAN ID’s were only issued if you have purchased a match ticket. So, even if someone purchased tickets for you, you still have to purchase at least one ticket to have a FAN ID. But again, till date, there is no update on whether Qatar will issue FAN IDs like Russia. Even if they do it may be linked to the tickets this time to avoid tickets being sold in the grey market. We saw tickets being sold for double or triple prices just outside the stadium on the match days. We came to know from a Brazilian fan last year that there were no Fan IDs or name imprinted tickets in 2014. So fans could easily enter the stadium with someone else’s tickets. So again we will have to wait and watch till 2021. I hope I could explain properly.

      Regarding flight tickets from Kerela, I am not sure at the moment. Usually, tickets are cheaper between big international airports. Like in our case we had purchased tickets from Delhi to Moscow in 2018. And later bought a separate ticket for Kolkata to Delhi.

      If you have further queries you can drop us a message on our facebook page. See you in Qatar


  10. My best friend and I have started saving as we want to attend Qatar in 2022. We are from South Africa. I agree that we should make a whatsapp group and all stay connected . #seeyouin2022

    • Hi Juan,

      Thanks for your comment. We will start a group shortly. Will update on our facebook page. Keep in touch.


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    It is very helpful post. What do you think about us visa process for wc 2026? Is it very hard to get visa or not?

    • Dear Shetu,

      Thanks for the query. I think if you manage to buy tickets visa will not be an issue. The thing to watch out would be whether it will seamless as we had in Russia (no visa application required. Fan ID considered as a valid visa). But that still has a long time to go, will have to wait and watch. Aren’t you planning for Qatar?


  12. Dear Arindam

    First of all you are really informative thank you very much for sharing your fifa 2018 experience.

    Approximately on which date do we start keeping a watch on online sale of tickets from for 2022 Qatar.

    This is a dream of mine to watch fifa live in a stadium hence i am really exited.

    And how do we get a Fan ID card?

    Please add me whenever you create the wassapp group.

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    • Dear Sudipta,

      Thanks for your queries.

      1) Usually, tickets go on sale about a year before the tournament. WC 2022 is happening in November. So I am guessing somewhere around Sep-Oct of 2021 tickets will go on sale. But keep checking the website a little earlier for information.
      2) Fan ID was sent to us by the Russian Government separately for no extra cost. But it was only issued once we had purchased the tickets. So I think this time it should be the same. Though at the moment we do not know whether Qatar will have Fan ID.

      Regarding WhatsApp group. I will update on this website and our facebook page. Please stay connected.

      I hope your dream of watching Fifa world cup live in stadium comes true.


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    • Hi Riddhu,

      Thanks for your comment. Glad that you liked our work. Hope you will be able to travel to FIFA WC soon enough.


  14. how can I know about few expenses like inter city travel, transport cost, dinner/lunch cost for two in qatar? is there any site from where I can gather details and make a plan. by the way, where do you live? kolkata or outside of kolkata? I am planning to start from mumbai. Let me know if you can help out.

    • Hi Ayananta,

      Good to hear from you again. Resources we used for planning are following – mainly for intercity travel. & – cost of living, – flight tickets

      I live in Kolkata will probably start my journey from here. Also on demand from the readers, I have started a WhatsApp group to exchange information. If you are interested please send ping me at 8240565291.


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    • Dear Moloy,

      Thanks for your kind comment. I have made videos regarding tickets and FAN ID. You can see those on our youtube channel. Links below. Also we have a whatsapp group where fellow travellers to FIFA WC 2022 help each other by sharing Information. If you wish to join the group, please whatsapp at +91 8240565291.


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      Many thanks for your support. I have added you to our Whatsapp group for FIFA 2022. We have another member from North East in that group.


  17. I’m from Kolkata and I’m 17 years old now. I’m saving money to visit Qatar for FIFA World Cup 2020. Can we get in contact and if you don’t mind can you please give me some updates of your plans?
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    • Hi Sougata,

      Thanks for the comment. Sure we can get in touch. Please WhatsApp me at +91 8240565291. We also have a football travellers whatsapp group I will add you to that as well.

      • I will be 19 years old in 2022
        Do you have any suggestions for me
        Is it safe and easy enough for a 19yr old to go on a trip to qatar
        And are there any hotel packages?

        • Yes Ranvir, In my opinion, it is safe. Many people of your age travel to FIFA World Cup. At the moment I do not know about any hotel packages.

    • Hi Sankar, We have a youtube channel with the same name. Probably you will find your answers there. We have an article in this website aswell on the process of buying tickets.

  18. Hi Arindam brother🙏🏻
    I and my brother are planning to watch this coming WC 2022. From the last 2-3 days I was searching for the details of Qatar World Cup. And I found the football Travellers link and read your article and got your whatsapp no. from there. You have beautifully explained the whole process. Thanks for sharing this informationinformation. 🙏🏻 I request you to please add me in your whatsapp group🙏🏻 and one more thing I want to ask you that if we want to buy category 1 seats for the matches than what will be the cost for 1 ticket for different matches like group stage, pre quarter finals, quarter finals, semi finals and final? Please share you fb page link and YouTube channel link also. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

      • Hey Aryan, As far as I know, many Indians live in Qatar. Vegetarian food should not be a problem. However you always have the option to cook your own food. It will be both healthy and pocket friendly. I have discussed about this in another article on the website.

  19. Hey!!! That was great insight into the tournament and I suppose the actual prices the standards would be right about 2-2.5 lakhs????
    Your views on it and another ques that by what date or time are the tickets out on sale???

  20. Hey man great article!
    Can you please tell how fast the tickets go on sale…. And how to make sure you get to watch at least one of your favourite team’s matches

    • 9-11 months before tournament. for more info you can visit our youtube channel. For personalised plan you can reach out to us on the whatsaApp number provided in the article.


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