How To Buy A FIFA World Cup Match Ticket – Qatar 2022

Hello everyone, this Arindam here, and I’m back another article and today’s topic is how to exactly buy a FIFA World Cup ticket. I have previously put out content on my website and on my YouTube channel on how to buy FIFA World Cup tickets and our experience on buying FIFA World Cup Tickets. But I think there is still some confusion regarding how to exactly go about it. Because I keep getting questions on what it takes exact procedure. So, I am writing this short and crisp article on what is the exact flow of buying FIFA World Cup tickets. I will cover the phases; the payment modes are how to collect the tickets and so on. At the end of the article there is a picture of one of my tickets from the FIFA World Cup Russia so keep reading till the end. So, let’s get on with it without wasting any more time. 

FIFA World Cup Tickets Sales Phases

Firstly, let’s talk about the phases. There are three phases, namely the first sale phases the second sale phase, and the last-minute sales phase. The first two sales phases have two sub-phases; the first sub-phase is called the random selection draw (Lottery Phase) and the second surface is called the first come first serve. The difference between the first two phases is that the during the first phase the teams are not yet announced so it’s like throwing stones in the dark and during the second phase you know which are the teams so you know exactly which are the teams playing in which group matches that you want to watch. During the first phase, people usually apply for big matches like the finals, the same finals, etc because the teams are not known. So that is your chance to get some good tickets. If you are lucky enough you can get some good group match tickets during this phase because no one applies for these tickets in the first phase because the teams are not yet known. In the last phase, the tickets are usually sold after the tournament has begun. You can buy the tickets online or you can buy them in the host country from the physical ticketing centers. 

How do you apply for the FIFA World Cup Tickets For The random Selection Draw? 

Firstly, you need to open an account on the FIFA website. You can do that either by using a Google account or your Facebook account or you can just independently open an account with any of your email ids. Next, you have to go to the ticketing section. Once FIFA has started accepting ticket application you will see that option popping up everywhere in a quite visible manner in most of the places on the website. So you must go to the ticketing section fill up your details like passport number, nationality, address, etc. Next, you have to select the matches you want to watch and you have to choose the category of seats you want. I have discussed the categories later in this article. After you have filled in all the details then you have to submit your application. Next, you need to provide your payment details. Usually, payments can be done only through cards, so you need to put that in your application. Make sure your card is an International Debit or Credit Card. If your application is successful during the random selection draw you will get an email notifying you that your application is successful, and money will be deducted accordingly from your debit/credit card. 

How to Buy FIFA World Cup Tickets in First Come First Serve Phase? 

So have I talked about how you open an account and how to apply for the random selection draw before. The first come first serve phase is like buying a train ticket on Tatkal Quota from the IRCTC website. If you are an Indian, you will know what I am talking about. You have to log in quickly to the FIFA website and then book the tickets and checkout as soon as you can so that you are not kicked out of the system. They only allow you to stay in that system for ten minutes. So, in the first come first serve is part you have to log in beforehand. You don’t have to log in beforehand but let’s take an example: suppose the ticketing starts at 10:00 p.m. today and you log in at 10:00 p.m. you will be shown that you are in a queue. The website will say something like the picture below if you log it beforehand. It will tell you that “you are in a line”. 


Our Match ticket purchase experience during FIFA World Cup 2018

We got our tickets in the first comes our first service phase of the second phase. So, we already knew which are the teams in which groups also which team is possibly going to play which knockout matches. At that point, I logged into the website’s ticketing section two days before the actual ticket sales were starting. On the screen I was shown a picture which said, “you are in a line” and once the ticketing sales started it said, “you are in the queue”. It took me about an hour to get into the page where I was able to buy the tickets. The next steps are very straight forward. You just need to book the tickets and make the payment. While booking the tickets the portal will ask you for a few details like name, address, nationality, etc. Just like any other online shopping portal when you have made the payment you will get an email confirmation. Also, the ticket details reflect on your FIFA account. It says that which are the tickets you are successful in and the names of the ticket holder and the total price of the tickets. All this information will be there in the website. If you don’t get an email confirmation immediately do not panic. It took about an hour or so to get the email confirmation but once the payment has gone through and the details of the tickets reflect on your FIFA account you will definitely get the tickets so don’t worry. 

Maximum Number of FIFA World Cup Match Tickets One Can Buy

You can purchase tickets for up to 4 people for a match and you can purchase match tickets for a maximum of 7 matches. For example, If I am applying for the tickets, I am allowed to have three more guests with me only for seven matches. That is what FIFA allows you to do. But in practice, if someone else makes an application for you for different matches you can manipulate the system. Though this is not advisable by FIFA, it can be done. I had met a group of people from India who had tickets for more than 7 matches. This is one of the important this you need to keep in mind while applying for your match tickets. 

Mode of Payment for the FIFA World Cup Tickets. 

The payment must be done with a debit or credit card. If your currency is not dollars make sure you’re the card you are using is an international card. Since all the transactions happen in dollars please keep this in mind. One mistake that I made was I had an international debit card, but the international transactions were not activated. So, the payment initially did not go through. I had to transfer the money quickly to my friend’s account which had an international debit card and had the international transaction facilities activated. All these things had happened in a very short time and it was quite a mess I must say. But still, luckily, we got the tickets. So moral of the story please make sure that you have an international debit card or credit card ready for this for buying the tickets.

Mode of Delivery of the FIFA World Cup Match Tickets

The next important thing is how you get the tickets delivered. You have a confirmation email that you have got the tickets. It also reflects in your account that you have got your tickets. But then how do you get the tickets in your hand? It is simple. You don’t have to do anything you just have to wait. It will be delivered to your home address. In 2018 is was delivered to us by FedEx. As you know it is a private courier company. The package had come from Italy. So make sure you provide your delivery address correctly. 

Category of FIFA World Cup Match Tickets

For the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, there were free categories. Category 1 is the best view of the match. It is like the angle that sees while watching the match on the television. It is either near the press box or just the opposite of the press box. The four corners of the stadium are Category 2 and Category 3 is the category just behind the goalposts. There was a Category 4 as well but that was reserved for the Russian citizen or the citizen of the host country. It was behind the goalposts but right on the top, so it was the worst possible seats in the stadium. But it was reserved for the citizens of the host country, so the price of the tickets was very low. Unlike other categories, the prices of this category were listed only in roubles and not dollars. So summary the most expensive category is Category 1, the second most expensive is Category 2, the third most expensive one is Category 3Category 4 is the least expensive but if you are not a citizen of the host country you will not be able to apply that for tickets in this category. 


Lastly, as promised this is the picture of one of my match tickets from FIFA world cup Russia. It was a group match between England and Belgium that was played in Kaliningrad. If you like the information, please let me know in the comments section. If you don’t like the content don’t hesitate to leave your constructive criticism. I also have a YouTube channel with the content on this topic. Please check them out and consider subscribing to the channel.

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